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This review applies to version 1.2. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Let RepairSolutions provide you with complete vehicle diagnostics – from code to solution. Understanding why your Check Engine light is on is one thing. Fixing it is another. RepairSolutions uses an extensive knowledge database that, until now, only a professional technician would have access to.

With RepairSolutions you will be able to:

-Pinpoint why your Check Engine light is on
-Get a better understanding of why the failure occurred
-Make sense of those difficult to understand trouble code definitions
-Learn what parts and tools are required to make the correct repair – it even includes labor times!
-Determine if you want to make the repair or have someone else do it
-Purchase and print step-by-step factory service instructions on how to make the repair
-Keep a history of your vehicle’s repair information
-Get ready for a State vehicle emissions (smog) test

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    miller8686 6 years ago

    This software comes with an OBD vehicle scanner. Once the scanner is connected to the PC, it updates the scanner and provides additional information on faults found on a particular vehicle. Very simple program. Pros: works well and as designed. Cons: Lacks features and explanations.